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Read, L.M.; Dunne, T.; Cederholm, C.J. Application of sediment budget studies to the evaluation of logging road impact

The construction of a partial sediment budget provides a flexible, efficient, and economical means of evaluating changes in sediment production rates generated by changes in land use. Application of the method to a 40% clear-felled area of the northwestern United States demonstrates that landslides are responsible for about 60% of the road-related sediment production. An additional 20% is produced by surface erosion on gravel roads, and about 80% of this value is derived from roads along which logs are being transported. In the terms of the production rate of sediment smaller than 2 mm in diameter, however, the sources are of near-equal importance, and paving the haul roads will result in a 30% decrease in the production rate of fine-grained material.

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