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Last update 22 January 2013

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The NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop 2013

February 21st-22nd, Palmerston North, New Zealand

"Where have we come from, and where are we going?"

- a timeline of operational hydrology

This is a two day Technical workshop focused around operational hydrology and how it has been shaped over time both in New Zealand, and globally. 

From manual observational data, to automated real-time telemetry, from charts to computer screens and from mechanical current meters to acoustic Doppler profilers.  We live in a time where new technology is constantly being developed to make our measurements more precise, more accurate, and more widely availalbe.  But where did all of this come from? What are the humble beginnings of hydrology? How have those beginnings shaped the hydrology of today? And what does the future of hydrology look like?

There is now a call for papers to be presented at the Technical workshop.  Speaking spaces are limited, register your topic via email to with the subject line: "Technical Workshop" by December 14th 2012, confirmation of your inclusion will be given via email by December 21st 2012.

Registrations are $155 per person, price is inclusive of a group dinner on Thursday night. 

Registrations can be made online now at:


General information on workshops

In addition to the following workshops, the Annual Symposia also have a number of workshops.


Change and Improvment in Operational Hydrology
Trafalgar Park, Nelson, Thursday 10th - Friday 11th May 2012
Operational hydrology changes quicker by the year.  New technology replaces traditional equipment and techniques, and a number of initiatives such as the development of Monitoring Standards and Qualifications are underway.  Our challenge is to realise the benefits of new technology and methods, wihile improving accuracy, compatibility and standardisation across the industry.  This workshop in early May was a forum to allow technical staff involved in operational hydrology to keep up to date with changes, and contribute to the future of the industry.

Meeting the Challenges of Water Allocation: Learning from each other

October 5-6, 2009, Wellington Convention Centre, Wellington

This workshop gave practitioners of water allocation in New Zealand a chance to learn techniques and tools for effective water allocation in different regions with presentations from keynote speakers andregional representatives, and breakout sessions to discuss key issues such as: alternatives to the first in first served system; defining seasonal quotas for active management of water resources; recognition of security of supply in changing climate and setting limits with incomplete information.

Contact: Tim.Davie at

Environmental Monitoring in Urban Areas

The New Zealand Hydrological Society held a one day workshop in Auckland on Tuesday 5th May 2009.  The day was spent in the field looking at the issues, techniques and technologies related to monitoring urban flows and contaminants, with visits to NIWA and Regional Council sites around central Auckland.  The visits and discussion were targeted at people with an interest in technical hydrology or water quality monitoring.

Contact: martin.doyle at

NZ Hydrological Society Technical Workshop on:
Practical Steps to Address Regional Climate Variability Impacts on Water Resources
April 3-4 2008 at the Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim

Contacts: Joseph Thomas:  joseph.thomas at  or Mike Ede: med at

NZ Hydrological Society Workshop on Water Economics
Nelson 13 & 14 February 2005
Contact Paul White, IGNS, Private Bag 2000, Taupo
Phone 07 374 8211; Email p.white at

General information

Apart from at the Annual Symposium, the NZHS generally runs 2 workshops a year, often in association with other groups or organisations. Workshops are a great way of sharing knowledge and discussing current hydrological issues outside the NZHS annual symposium. Topics have included coastal aquifer management, hydrology and wetlands, hydrological archives, etc.

NZHS workshops are organised when members identify a need for a forum. The need could include general dissemination of information, the discussion of topical issues and/or the need to find solutions to hydrology-related problems. Financial support is available (subject to Executive approval) to NZHS members who require assistance to develop and/or run a workshop.

If you wish to suggest a topic, run a workshop, or need more information, please contact:
Tim Davie ( or
Society administration.

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